Malaysian Woman Tries Smuggling Heroin Inside Durians

The "king of fruits" was hollowed out and stuffed with the drugs.
drug smuggling durian heroin
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Durian, Asia’s smelly, misunderstood “king of fruits” is usually filled with golden custard-like meat but that’s not what authorities found when they opened one and discovered it had been stuffed with suspected heroin instead.

A woman was detained in Malaysia last week after allegedly trying to smuggle hollowed out durians containing heroin, the local Bernama News Agency reported.

The 34-year-old arranged an export of 20 styrofoam boxes that were declared to have frozen durians headed for Hong Kong. The boxes were discovered at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang, Selangor after a raid on a cargo company on Monday, Oct. 14. The Customs Department then took the drugs.


Datuk Zulkarnain Mohamed Yusuf, Central Zone Customs assistant director-general, said the 6.13 kilograms of heroin found has a value of RM953,529 ($227,870).

After checking the package, “four of the boxes were found with white-coloured compact packets wrapped in clear plastic and suspected to be heroin, in the fruit” said Zulkarnain.

Bernama posted a photo of Malaysian police holding the open durians with the drug packets inside:

The woman was held in remand and is being investigated.

This isn’t the first time smugglers have gotten creative with food. In July, someone in the Philippines got caught smuggling over 800 grams of weed in bags of chips. And in January, $2 million worth of drugs were found in tomato soup cans, in the Philippines as well.

Conversion: $1 = RM4.18

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