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How a Musician Hacked His Drum Kit to Sound Like a Full Band

'Daily VICE' met up with drummer Greg Fox to find out how he used high-tech sensors to make one instrument produce a landscape of sounds.

No matter how many kick pedals or cymbals you might use, at the end of the day, a drum set can only make so many sounds. That's where "sensory percussion" comes in—a high-tech system of placing programmable, hyper-responsive sensors on a kit to trigger new sounds, making one drummer and his setup sound like a full-fledged concert.

On this episode of Daily VICE, VICE met up with Greg Fox, who revolutionized his drumming with this technique—applying the technology to a single snare before outfitting his whole kit. Now that he's mastered the technique, he's dropping a solo album to show off how it can make one drummer sound like a full band.