Ah, Screw It, Let's Rumor Monger About This Week's Game Awards

Sure, we talk about 'Just Cause 4' and 'Darksiders 3' a bunch, but the heart of this pod? INDUSTRY GOSSIP.
Photo courtesy The Game Awards

As the days pass on and the weather gets colder (then warmer, then colder again), we're finally leaving beyond the rush of big AAA fall games. Sure, we still found time to chat about new releases like Just Cause 4, BattleTech: Flashpoint, and (more) Darksiders 3, but under this bright December sun, our focus has shifted: Today, we talk about video game industry news and rumors.

Will we see Dragon Age at the Game Awards? What does Sony's absence from E3 mean for their third party partners? How would you make your dream Avengers game? And hey, what the hell is Obsidian Studios working on? Click below to listen!


Discussed: Just Cause 4, Darksiders 3, THQ Nordic, Carmegeddon, Get in the Car Loser, BattleTech: Flashpoint, Broken Reality, Dropsy, Hypnospace Outlaw, Hitman 2, The Avengers, Dragon Age, Immersive Sims.

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