The Dancer Suing The New York City Ballet, An Institution She Once Loved

In this episode of "The Scarlet Letter Reports," Amanda Knox speaks with Alexandra Waterbury about her experience with a suit against the New York City Ballet after discovering explicit texts allegedly shared within the company.
Image of Alexandra Waterbury looking directly at the camera.
Screengrab via Broadly video.

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When Alexandra Waterbury was accepted to the New York City School of American Ballet at 15-years-old, it was "like a dream come true." In her final year at the school, she met a male dancer named Chase, a high ranking dancer at the New York City Ballet (The NYCB was formed by the School of Ballet in 1948, and the two remain "intimately linked.") They began what Waterbury now describes as an "abusive relationship." The problems peaked when, Waterbury discovered explicit texts that were allegedly shared with people at the NYCB. In 2017, Waterbury began building a lawsuit and, as part of the fallout, two dancers were fired, another resigned.

In the fourth episode of The Scarlet Letter Reports, season two, Amanda Knox travels to New York City to meet Waterbury, to better understand her experience confronting toxicity toward women in an institution she once admired and respected. Waterbury opens up about her pursuit of justice, how the #MeToo movement encouraged her to fight for herself, and how terrifying this has been. According to Waterbury, this problem well exceeds the parameters of "a personal issue," into an institutional problem within the New York City Ballet.