This Video of Trump Singing 'Thank U, Next' Is Truly Cursed

Brace yourselves.
November 30, 2018, 5:07pm
"Trump U, Next"
Photo of Trump by Scott Olson/Getty Images. Art by the author

According to Ariana Grande, the music video for "Thank U, Next" is finally dropping on Friday. But while we all eagerly await the sure-to-be epic, star-studded homage to rom-coms from the early 2000s, an exquisite (and extremely cursed) video is making the rounds online to, uh, tide us over.

In YouTuber Maestro Ziikos’s new parody video, Donald Trump "covers" the single—or at least Ziikos makes it look like he does, using cobbled together footage from the president's many, many, many rallies and press conferences. It's impressive stuff, with real words uttered by DJT autotuned to Grande's catchy melody. Can you even fathom how many hours this dude must have spent listening to Trump in order to somehow get him to utter, "One taught me love / one taught me patience / and one taught me pain / now I'm so amazing?"


Anyway, "Trump U, Next"™ really has to be seen to be believed, so check it out below:

Now that we've all been sufficiently traumatized, can we please just have the real music video? Thank u, next!

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