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Watch the Explosive New Trailer for 'American Vandal' Season Two

The search for the "turd burglar" looks like it's about to be a major shit show.

The masterful storytelling hidden beneath true crime parody and phallic comedy American Vandal won hearts and minds last year, but according to a new trailer, the second season of Netflix's Emmy-nominated series is bound to turn stomachs.

This time, instead of trying to figure out "who drew the dicks," high school investigative reporters Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) focus on an incident known as "The Brown Out." According to students and staff at a local private school, a villain known as the Turd Burglar has been spiking communal drinks with laxatives, spreading campus-wide poo pandemonium.


“Most of us just shit our pants right in front of everyone,” one student says in the new trailer amid a hellish Snapchat montage of students shitting on the floor and in trash cans.

It looks like Maldonado and Ecklund will have to get back on their social media sleuthing bullshit to catch the culprit, who taunts the staff and students from anonymous Twitter and Instagram accounts. But first, they'll have to figure out a motive.

"What if the motive is just poop is funny?" Ecklund ponders.

According to Netflix's official description, season two has “a (mostly) new cast,” and the new school setting means fan favorite characters likely won’t return to the new series—though we’ve got our fingers crossed for an appearance from the Wayback Boys. With creators Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault back at the helm, it’s sure to hit the same balance of raunchy and heartfelt humor that made season one a hit.

Let’s just hope the new season doesn’t inspire a spree of copycat Turd Burglars IRL. Lord knows there's already enough poop-related crime nowadays. American Vandal returns to Netflix November 14.

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