Cat Power and Lana Del Rey Combine Perfectly on Breathy New Single "Woman"

It's the second single from 'Wanderer,' Chan Marshall's first new album in six years.

Cat Power announced the release of her new album, Wanderer, last month with a 74-second a capella track. It was intriguing, but it gave little away. This morning, she's returned with "Woman," a full-band collaboration with Lana Del Rey that reveals far more about the new record's shape and palette. It's a breathy and quietly full-blooded cut of West Coast Americana, blending mellow blues-rock with folk mystery. The combination works not only because Del Rey and Marshall share some sensibilities, but because there's little separation between their voices in the mix. When the chorus starts up and Marshall repeats the title in bursts of four, Del Rey stays below, harmonizing. The two build and expand around each other rather than duking it out for space. It comes with a video, directed by Greg Hunt, which you can watch at the top of the page.

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