This is what happens 24 hours after ICE arrests your friends and family

VICE News spoke with two women who worked at the nursery: one who was arrested and one who missed the raid because she had a doctor's appointment.
June 7, 2018, 12:27am

On Tuesday, ICE agents raided a plant nursery in Ohio, where they arrested 114 people in the Trump administration's biggest immigration raid to date.

Undocumented members of the community are now living in fear, and many cannot currently locate their children, husbands, siblings, and friends.

VICE News spoke with two women feeling the impact of the raid: Amanda, who ICE arrested and later released so she could take care of the five children she parents alone, and Marilu, who was late to work because of a pediatricians' appointment and missed the raid — but now can't find her husband and sister. The coming days will determine the trajectory of both of these women's lives; for now, they are in limbo.

"It's a lot of suffering and having your kids ask you and not knowing," Marilu told VICE News. "We're not hurting anyone. All we do is work hard to survive and get ahead in life."

This segment originally aired June 6, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.