We Are So Here for Alex Ovechkin's Post-Stanley Cup Bender

He slept with the thing, sang "We Are the Champions" nearly a jillion times, and somehow was able to throw a baseball at a Washington Nationals game.
Photo via Instagram/@nastyashubskaya 

The glow of winning the Stanley Cup shouldn't ever really wear off—and nor should your celebration drunk. Washington Capitals winger and captain Alexander Ovechkin has hardly let a glass touch the table since winning his first cup on Thursday—and good God, have some entertaining anecdotes come out of his delightful bender.

Ovechkin's post-victory antics were so good and so consistent, that the man's victory even got its own subreddit, r/OviAndHisCup, and it's packed with a surprising amount of content, for only having been in existence for 72 hours.


First of all, Ovi seems to have replaced his wife:

And we're not just talking about in the Mile High Club:

So if we're already comparing Ovi and the Cup to lovers, let's talk about their first kiss:

He also developed a particular affinity for a particular song:

Honestly, somebody should keep that man away from an open flame—whatever's leaking out of his skin must be like lighter fluid. Speaking of people putting a clearly-hammered Ovi in dangerous situations, somebody thought it would be a good idea to bring the man out in public the day after their victory to throw baseballs around:

And then talk on live TV:

Then maybe he started to slow things down a bit yesterday?

Oh, wait, niet:

Enjoy, my good man. It's been a 14-year wait. May as well make this bender last just as long.