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Insanely Good Dog Breaks Free at Baseball Game to Play Fetch with Fielder

What else would you expect to happen when you've got dogs and a lot of baseballs in the same place? Come on.
Screen capture via Twitter/@HaroldRKuntz3 

It's hard to imagine a better place for a dog besides a wide open field jam-packed with baseballs and people to throw them at ridiculous lengths. Well, one German shepherd found itself among the cloudy gauze of heaven at the minor league Tulsa Drillers's dog night, and watching its joy is purely infectious.

Just feast your eyes upon this dog feasting upon fetches:

The dog did a bunch of tremendous work to evade its master the second it spotted a ball, any ball, being thrown and quickly broke free to roam the field. After one player entertained the pup for a minute, the dog dutifully retrieved the ball, and brought it right back to him. Look at how he picks it up and drops it a couple times as if to say come on, dude, I brought it back, let's do it again. What a good dog!

Unfortunately, they had a game to play, so our friend was wrangled back onto its leash. But nothing was going to spoil this pup's day, so it strained on the leash, twisted, and finally was given a ball of its own. Might make for a helluva fielder. Good fielder.