Cyber Punk Satyr Girls Guard This Artist's Kawaii Universe
All images courtesy Abi Laurel. Collages by Lia Kantrowitz.

Cyber Punk Satyr Girls Guard This Artist's Kawaii Universe

They're 100% synthetic and totally fierce.
May 11, 2018, 7:11pm

This article is part of our Women in Net Art series, a weekly column curated by artist Nicole Ruggiero. Read more articles from this series here.

This week's net artist, Abi Laurel, builds lavender-colored worlds that look different from anything else out there. I think her cute otaku-style cyber punk art is adorable, and it's clear she's making work based on what she thinks and feels, not what other people want. Unless you have a really strong point of view, it's easy for CGI art to look homogenous, so Abi's steadfastness to her vision is so respectable.


Another reason I chose Abi is because she was one of the very first 3D artists I connected with in New York when I was starting out. She was always sweet and welcoming. She is weird and cool and has really inspired me. I love her! ✿♥‿♥✿

I asked Abi to share some of her work and fill out a questionnaire to help you get to know her better. Keep scrolling to get to all that. And before you go, make sure to snag the desktop and mobile wallpapers she designed exclusively for VICE!

You can download them for free HERE.

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