Asia’s First Movie-Inspired Theme Park To Open In China

The Lionsgate theme park includes twenty-five attractions, including rides inspired by “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent.”
lionsgate theme park hunger games
Screenshot from Youtube.

Ever imagined racing alongside the characters of the Hunger Games? Or joining the vampires of the Twilight Saga? Lionsgate Entertainment world promises just that, at its first theme park in China. It’s said to be the first movie-centric vertical theme park in Asia.

The park includes 25 attractions from six global film franchises and Chinese blockbusters: “The Hunger Games”, “The Twilight Saga”, “Divergent”, “Now You See Me”, “Gods of Egypt”, and “Escape Plan”.


Each of the key attractions are tailored for their film franchises. Using VR simulator experiences, the theme park offers access to life-like encounters with the characters of “Divergent” and “The Twilight Saga”. The “Hunger Games” experience even allows participants to fight in the rebellion and escape the Capitol found in the trilogy's third movie. There’s also a multiplayer interactive room replicates the most secure prison in the world, making participants find their way out.

The attractions and rides are accompanied with dining options (think Peeta’s Bakery from “The Hunger Games”) and a Lionsgate Cafe. The theme park promises authenticity, letting visitors immerse themselves in the worlds they see on the big screen.

The space is found within Novotown, a tourism and entertainment project in Hengqin. Lionsgate Entertainment World is a 22,000 square meters of indoor space, housing high-technology and multimedia rides.

Hengqin is attached to mainland China, but only an hour away from Hong Kong and adjacent to Macau.

The theme park will open on July 31.