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Bob Uecker Drenched in Beer as Brewers Make Playoffs for First Time Since 2011

The Milwaukee Brewers sportscaster and 'Major League' star took a long beer shower with the boys after they clinched a spot in the postseason.
Screen capture via Twitter/@fswisconsin 

Bob Uecker isn't a part of the Milwaukee clubhouse, but he may as well be furniture in it. The 84-year-old Milwaukee Brewers sportscaster and the Major League star was on hand to witness the Brewers securing a spot in the playoffs—all that's left to decide is whether they play in the Wild Card game, or win the division—and you better believe he got wrangled into the celebrations.

Mr. Baseball has been doing Milwaukee broadcasts since 1971 and is something of a team mascot (forget Milt Mason)—so much that the team dressed up as him on one of their flights back in June. So when it came to the Brewers clinching some October baseball for the first time in seven years, you knew Uecker had it coming. Needless to say, their control was better than Wild Thing Ricky Vaughn's:

Obviously, since it's the Brewers here, champagne took the back seat as the guys made it rain beer on the tarped-up St. Louis locker room after beating the Cardinals 2-1. You can feel that yeasty team chemistry, as Brewers manager Craig Counsell asked pitcher Brent Suter to start up the beat:

Ah victory—sweet, sticky victory.