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1994's 'Doom II' Now Has a Battle Royale Mode Like 'Fortnite'

Modders have brought 64 player madness to ‘Doom II’ and it looks incredible.

Doom was a wonderful reboot of a beloved franchise but its multiplayer kinda sucked. Doom’s single player refreshed the concept of slaying demons while the multiplayer added a coat of paint to the dated concept of small room, small map, team-based deathmatches. Battle Royale—the large-scale, last-man-standing, multiplayer mode of games like Fortnite and PUBG—is the hottest thing in multiplayer shooters right now, and modders have brought the crazed havoc of large multiplayer matches to 1994’s Doom II.


It’s called DooM Royale (With Cheese) and right now it’s more a proof of concept than a completed mod, but videos of the test runs look promising. A modder named Bambamalicious is behind the game, which runs Doom II on the Zandronum engine—a port of Doom designed to run on modern systems and accommodate mods.

Bambamalicious has tweaked the levels to open them up—no keys are required to traverse the halls of the dead—kept the game’s original breakneck speed, and tweaked the aiming so players can look up and down. He opened up a test server for the game on Sept 21, which populates with bots when people aren’t available.

To play it, you’ll need a copy of Doom II, the latest version of Zandronum, and—of course—the mod itself. Go forth and slay.