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Reason #19127 Ferrofluid Would Make the Best Tye-Die T-Shirts

Designer Eric Bellefeuille mixes ferrofluid and colored ink in the mesmerizing 'Metalliferous Streams.'

While this might look like a psychedelic representation of human fertilization, it's actually a digital photography experiment with ferrofluid and colored ink. Montreal based designer Eric Bellefeuille started by making videos of computer-generated fractals, researching various procedural pattern systems until he discovered ferrofluid and began experimenting with fluid-based photography. Metalliferous Streams is a short montage of videos Bellefeuille took while messing around with ferrofluid and different mixtures of Pelikan and Waterman ink. The video was shot using a Nikon micro lens that provides Bellefeuille the ability to capture exceptionally small objects in high definition. The artist says, at its core, Metalliferous Streams is an attempt to visualize an evolution of awareness. "The process of individuality is one unique to each and every one of us—a chaotic and organic process, representing by changing colors, shapes, and constantly evolving patterns," he explains. Watch these slippery liquids in action below:


Check out more work by Eric Bellefeuille on Vimeo.


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