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Teenagers Are Wearing Croissants to the Prom Because of a Typo

‘Corsage’ isn't exactly the hardest word to spell…
Photo via Twitter user mizz keisha.

Every year, teenagers across North America celebrate the end of high school by donning expensive dresses, rented suits, and croissants corsages.

But this year, a strange new prom ritual has emerged from the murky waters of adolescence and social media and is spreading like wildfire across social media platforms: wearing a croissant instead of the traditional flower corsage.

It all seems to have begun on Twitter, where a Texas teen who goes by @SophieMartini posted a screengrab of a conversation between her and her prom date. In it, he asks if he should buy her a "croissant," to which she responds, "You mean corsage…" It seems like an honest mistake, presumably caused by autocorrect, and while we're not here to judge the spelling abilities of high school kids, "corsage" isn't exactly the hardest word to spell—but more importantly, isn't really that close to the word for the buttery French baked good.


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Yet there was something so earnest and absurd about the message that the tweet ended up going viral, generating 46,000 likes and 13,000 retweets since it was posted at the end of April. Now, as prom season goes into full swing, we can see the impression that the original message made, as photos of croissant-clad teens have been begun inundating Twitter, along with tweets about the sadness of not being offered a croissant for prom.

And while having a pastry on your arm at prom looks utterly ridiculous, it's still better—and cheaper—than a real corsage, a fried chicken corsage, or a bouquet of kale.