Gemini, September 2016


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Gemini, September 2016

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde. September isn't easy, but you handle it!
September 1, 2016, 1:00pm

September isn't off to an easy start, thanks to your ruling planet Mercury retrograde in Virgo, plus two eclipses and a square (a very tense astrological aspect) between Saturn and Neptune—but things will ease up later this month, Gemini! Let's take a look at your September:

The month opens with Mercury retrograde in Virgo. While this is brutally annoying for everyone, this is especially frustrating for you since you're ruled by Mercury! Let everyone who is complaining about Mercury retrograde know that, actually, you're really the only one affected. (Well, you and Virgo, since you're both ruled by Mercury, but don't bother trying to explain that. It's Mercury retrograde and no one's brain is working!)


Communication issues abound during Mercury retrograde, and it's a horrible time for any kind of paperwork, especially contracts, because the terms likely won't stick (but, who knows, maybe that could work to your favor). Delays are also a huge issue at this time, making travel a total pain in the ass. Mix-ups will abound, and it's a bad time to buy anything expensive or electronic.

Mercury retrograde does have its benefits: It's a great time to slow down—it's not like you'll get anywhere on time anyway, due to all the traffic jams that will pop up. It's also a fantastic time to reconsider the conversations you have had and the decisions you've made, especially since August 10. Mercury retrograde began on August 30, and it will last until September 22, which also happens to be when the Sun enters fellow Air sign Libra (sending you excellent vibes!).

You'll really notice confusion and delays at home, with your landlord or roommates, or with your family.

Mercury's retrograde through grounded Earth sign Virgo will highlight the area of your chart that rules your home and family, so you'll really notice the confusion and delays at home, with your landlord or roommates, or with your family. If you're moving, this will be very frustrating! But this is a wonderful time to walk down memory lane: Contact family members you haven't seen in a while, look through old photo albums, or visit your childhood home.


The Mercury retrograde won't be the only thing fucking the family and home sector of your chart; September 1 brings a solar eclipse in Virgo, which will also magnify these same issues. Eclipses are very emotional and exhausting. They flush things out of our life that are no longer serving us (even if we don't think we're ready to let go yet), and they bring us new opportunities. Life is never the same after an eclipse, partially because things are ending and transforming around us, but also because eclipses usually reveal secrets or show us the world in a new way, showing us things we can't "unsee."

Family secrets are likely to leak out during the eclipse and Mercury retrograde. Your personal issues around security, safety, and feeling "at home" will also be major at this time. If you're relocating, this move will have a major influence on you—a greater impact than you can probably imagine at this time.

Your domestic world is a big deal early this month, but big things will also happening your career thanks to the September 16 lunar eclipse in creative Water sign Pisces, which will activate the fame and fortune sector of your chart. This is a huge turning point around how people see you, what your reputation is, and your professional goals! Again, the eclipse will whisk things out of your life, but new opportunities will come, and new information will be revealed.

Right in the middle of eclipse season, we have a very intense clash between serious Saturn in Sagittarius and nebulous Neptune in Pisces. People will feel very vulnerable at this time, and they're likely to start acting from a place of fear and uncertainty. Paranoia will be in the air. This will be a lot to deal with for you, Gemini, since so much of your focus will be needed at home and at work—but your partners will also need you to be available in a big way during the square between Saturn and Neptune.


Family secrets are likely to leak out during the eclipse and Mercury retrograde.

Relationships, both romantic and nonromantic, may crumble at this time due to jealousies and insecurities. However, those who truly trust you will be able to weather Neptune's stormy clash with Saturn with you. Think back to November 2015 and June of this year—issues you were working out back then in both your relationships and at work will come up again at this time.

Don't worry, Gemini, the mood does lighten up during the second half of the month! Lots of celestial focus will land on fellow Air sign Libra, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules fun, romance, creativity, and even children. Good times are on the way! In fact, the entire next year will be a joy, thanks to jovial Jupiter entering Libra on September 9, where it will stay until October 10, 2017. But, of course, you'll be smack in the middle of eclipse season at that time, avoiding Mercury retrograde drama and the hard vibes of Saturn and Neptune.

The goodness will really start to sink in on September 22, which is when the Sun enters Libra. Other dates to circle in your calendar are September 26, when the Sun meets Jupiter in Libra (this will be fantastic for romance and creative projects, as you'll feel super confident!), and the new moon in Libra on September 30. New moons are new beginnings! New inspiration will certainly come your way, as well as new people to flirt and party with.

On September 23, sweet Venus enters Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, which will find you very eager to make some transformations of your own—especially concerning your health and habits. Make time to go to the spa while Venus (the planet of luxury and beauty) hangs out in Water sign Scorpio.

Your intimate relationships will demand your attention on September 26 when power planet Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn. On September 27, Mars enters Capricorn, which will give you a lot of energy to deal with the emotionally complicated stuff you've got going in your life, whether that's your sexuality, intimate relationships, or tricky situations you've got going on concerning cash.

September isn't easy, but things will brighten up. If you can get through Mercury retrograde, you can do anything, Gemini!