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'Modelland': A Novel by Tyra Banks

Wait, what?
Image by Kat Aileen

Tyra Banks: Model. Actress. Talk show host. Harvard Business School Graduate. Entrepeneuse. Young Adult fantasy novelist.

Did you know Tyra Banks wrote a YA adult novel in 2011 and Random House made this shitty commercial to push her as the next JK Rowling? You know she's a legitimate author—they wouldn't shut down the entire New York Public Library for just any old two-bit hack! Modelland is the story of an aspiring model, Tookie de la Creme, whose name loosely translate to "Cream of the Tookus." I love hearing Tyra talk about how she "wrote" Modelland over the course of three years at the library, which is code for "I watched my ghostwriter/eyelash extensions girl write it on her T-Mobile Sidekick over the course of a couple weeks." Though now that I think about it, I should probably give Tyra more credit. A professional ghostwriter would absolutely not come up with the name "Tookie de la Creme."