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St. Vincent Has Created An "Interview Kit" Scripted by Carrie Brownstein

"Insert question about what it's like to play a show in heels."
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
via St. Vincent on Instagram

If the amount of press she's been doing is anything to go on, we're edging closer and closer to hearing St. Vincent's still-untitled new album. So far she has premiered the single "New York," and performed "LA," another album track, live, but other details about the record remain scarce.

However, as Stereogum reports, in one of the many interviews she's done recently, with the New Yorker, she did note that she'd created an "interview kit" – seemingly as a response to getting asked the same questions over and over again – scripted by her equally multi-talented friend Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame. She's been sharing the interview kit over on her Instagram, and the short videos see her grappling with such toughies as "what's it like playing a show in heels?" (her response: "You do have to rehearse! But it does something to your posture, which I really like. It also does something crippling, which I also like."), and "what advice would you give young musicians today?" ("get into the film industry"). Presumably, nobody will ever ask her any of these things again because she has dragged us all, in a typically tongue-in-cheek and intelligent way. 1-0, Annie.


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