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Here's Supreme’s New Line of Cool-Looking Kitchen Things that You Probably Don't Need

"If I don't get the Supreme chopsticks I will die."
Photo via Supreme New York

Supreme has unveiled its newest line of branded things that throngs of people will skip school, call in sick, and wait in line for, its latest just-born assortment of highly coveted shiny objects that will inevitably be flaunted or re-sold. And this time, you might have to show them off in your kitchen.

The New York skateshop slash beyond-iconic fashion brand has released a preview of its fall/winter 2017 line, and buried among the logo-stamped hair clippers, collapsible shovels, snow sleds, inflatable blimps, and Fender Stratocasters are must-have kitchen items for the Millennial who craves to express his or her individuality with those recognizable white italic letters in a red box.


Sometimes, the cheap, wooden chopsticks from takeout sushi orders just don't cut it or adequately reflect your impeccable taste. If that's a recurring problem for you, consider these branded enamel chopsticks that come in a Supreme box, which would match perfectly with a matching ceramic sake set covered in Supreme logos.

Whether or not Supreme is trolling (in a surely very profitable manner) with these items in some sort of meta-commentary about fashion and capitalism remains unclear, but it's definitely a possibility.

Still, to the legions of hypebeasts for whom waiting in line for days and spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on knick-knacks is a way of life, owning red enamel chopsticks is evidently pretty "lit."

OK, relax, @flying fart noodle, and everyone else for that matter. Is it really worth waiting in line for hours you'll never get back to spend a bunch of dough on a sake set and box of chopsticks, when both of those items—albeit without the Supreme logo—are readily available for a fraction of the price in your local Chinatown?

Well, sure—you're a free to spend your money on whatever you want. But if all of that materialism starts wearing you down, just go with some supreme pizza nachos.