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We Asked Men to Draw Vaginas

With mixed results.

Apparently 50 percent of men are unable to locate the vagina. At least, according to a study carried out by cancer charity The Eve Appeal. The survey, which was conducted in anticipation of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, also found that many men were unable to distinguish between the vagina and the vulva.

If you're a man who falls on the wrong side of that statistic, the vagina is a muscular canal, usually between six to seven inches, and runs from the cervix to the outside of the body. The vulva, on the other hand, is external and is comprised of the labia, the clitoris and other parts.


So is it really true that half of all men aren't aware of this? To find out, we went for a walk around east London, found some men and tested their vagina knowledge by asking them to draw one.

Magnus, 25

VICE: Hi mate can you draw a vagina for me please?
Magnus: You want me to draw one?

Yeah, I'd like you to draw one please.
Okay, so… I just need to think. I mean, they're all different aren't they?

I guess so.
So you got the clit up here… and some stuff coming off here. I know some people have got sort of different things going on here… and then, like, the labia – it really varies, doesn't it? I dunno. Obviously you've got a bit of hair.

Yeah. Can you point to the vagina in your drawing?
Isn't just all of it the vagina? I dunno. The inside? Isn't, like, the vulva the outside? I feel like you know – you've done your research. Okay. There we go.

Ben, 32

Would you fancy drawing a vagina for me?
Ben: Yeah, sure, mate. I'm just trying to get my bearings.

Sure, take your time.
I'm just trying to make it a subtle… leg shot.

Ah. This is gonna look horrific.

Going all in with the legs?
Yeah… bit of cheek there, too. Looks a bit like bollocks that actually, doesn't it?

I see what you mean.
Might just draw a handbag here too, maybe. Right – I'm not gonna add to that 'cause it'll make it look more worse.

Dan, 33

Aright, fancy drawing a vagina for me?
Dan: Okay, mate. Here we go. This is a confusing start. Looks a bit like a nose.


I see what you mean.
It's quite a wide vagina. I want to keep it really neat, to be honest.

Is this quite a scientific drawing? What do you think?

It's not bad .
Yeah, that's as good as it's gonna get, mate. My hand's shaking, though. Man, this actually looks a bit like an angry face.

Adam, 32

Hi there. Just getting the lads to draw vaginas, if you fancied a shot?
Adam: [Laughs] Yeah. My artistic talent is shit, though, mate.

God loves a trier.
I mean, I've not seen one, to be honest.

Just give it your best shot.
Okay, I'm just gonna go for it.

Wow, what is that? Are they… legs?
Yeah… I mean, maybe they could go down here a bit more? And then… there we go. That's mine. I need to sign that actually, just in case it becomes something.

Andy, 33

Hi. Can you try to draw a vagina for me please?
Andy: Ah, go on then. It won't take long will it?

Depends how much you want to get into it.
I mean, how much scale do you want here?

Whatever you think's best.
Alright. I'm gonna start with the legs. Warm myself up to it. Here's a waist. Oh, these are weird legs.

That's not too bad
It almost looks like a penis.

Yeah, you might want to add some detailing.
Okay. I think that's quite good.

So there we go: only one guy got it right; the rest of them drew vulvas. Maybe the percentage of men unable to locate the vagina is higher than we thought.

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