That Time a Dog Bit Drummer Jon Wurster in the Face and He Played a Show Anyway

The musician—who's played with everyone from R.E.M. to Ryan Adams—relived his horrifying injury on Thursday's episode of 'PARTY LEGENDS.'
July 14, 2017, 4:27pm

On Thursday, VICELAND aired another episode of PARTY LEGENDS, our show that collects celebrities' wildest party memories and animates them with the help of emerging artists. We heard some gnarly tales from Killer Mike, Andy Dick, comedian Sam Jay, musician Angel Deradoorian, and drummer Jon Wurster.

We've recapped our favorite parts of Jon's story—about the time he got drunk and got into a tussle with his friend's dog—for your viewing pleasure in GIFs below.

"My name is Jon Wurster. I'm a drummer in rock bands. I've got a story to tell."

"I toured with Robert Pollard from Guided by Voices. We were rehearsing in LA, and I was staying at my friend Tommy Keene's house."

"Tommy's the guitar player in the band, and he had this old dog. I'm, like, at least five or six in at this point, having a great time listening to records. Tommy gets up to go somewhere, and I turn to the dog, and I just go, Aren't you a good girl? And at that moment, the dog just bites me in the face."

"It's so bad that you don't even feel it, and thankfully, I was drunk. I go, Oh, my God. Oh no. It's, like, tons of blood. And I look in the mirror, and it's that thing where you can't believe that's you that this has happened to. Like, That's not what I look like."

"I come up to Tommy, and he goes, Oh, my God! So Tommy's partner just springs into action and takes me down to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center."

"I get stitched up, but I still have to rehearse the next couple days with just my face wrapped. Three weeks later or so, the stitches are out, but it's very dicey still."

"So we're playing this show in Kentucky. The Guided by Voices audience is very into drinking beer. They will shower the band in beer and beer cans. And so we're playing, and I get clocked with a half-full can of beer right where I got bitten by the dog. But, of course, I'm drunk enough at this point where it doesn't really matter."

"But then I'm really mad, and I get out from behind the drums—which I never do—and I asked for Bob to give me the mic. I said, Fuck you, whoever did that, whoever hit me in the face with a fucking beer can!"

"And Bob just takes the mic back and goes, Yeah, that wasn't cool. Jon—Jon's a good guy. And that was it. Jon's a good guy."

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