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Avicii Previews New Music, Says It’s “Coming Very Soon”

Could it be the first taste of his next album?
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Though he may have stepped back from the whirlwind DJ life, Avicii has far from fallen off the radar.

Yesterday, while traveling through Peru, the Swedish producer shared a clip of new music on his Instagram. Set to the background of national landmark Machu Picchu, the song progresses from a guitar-heavy intro into the poppy, folk-electronic hybrid style that he's become known for. In the caption, he wrote, "New music coming (very) soon!"

Avicii's expected to release his third studio record this year, his first since retiring from touring and splitting with his longtime manager Ash Pournouri in 2016. "My new year's resolution is to make the best damn album of my career," the producer wrote on Instagram back in January.

Watch the clip of the new music below.