Brandon Flowers Is a Real Man's Man in The Killers' New Video

He's The Man, ya heard?
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
June 28, 2017, 2:18pm

Did you know that Brandon Flowers is The Man? Because if you didn't, you're gonna know, and very soon. The Killers have a new single which is called—you've guessed it—"The Man," and it is a nu-disco anthem that sounds like the Bee Gees, if they were into shotguns and super amped up on testosterone. In support of that single, they have filmed an extremely masculine video, starring Flowers as the manliest man around.


Pictured variously surrounded by groups of beautiful women, flexing his muscles in a vest, and wearing a stetson, Flowers is a 70s showman type in the short clip, while also very much reminding anyone who might have been in doubt that he's still got it. The band's new album Wonderful Wonderful is yet to receive a release date, but "The Man" signals good things. For now, drink in the music video above like a cold beer at the bar, and swoon, or feel jealous, or a little of both.

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(Image via YouTube)