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The Internet Is Bugging Out Over a Drawing Beetle

Now you can buy Spike the Beetle's work on eBay.
Instagram via @SpikeTheBeetle

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project.

Artistry is one thing high-and-mighty humans often think sets them apart from Earth's "lesser" creatures, but chimps, orangutans, and even a Shiba Inu who paint and sell their artworks prove that creativity abounds throughout the animal kingdom. Now a new critter has crawled along to knock humans off our pedestal: a stag beetle named Spike.

Spike is cared for by a human named Mandy. Beetles are popular pets among children in Japan, where Mandy lives, because they require little maintenance. Mandy acts as Spike's publicist, offering process shots of his work on his official accounts, taking hype photos of him posing and sitting on a throne, and listing his work on eBay.


Mandy's networking skills have built Spike a devoted fanbase. Artists regularly draw the Sumatran dorcus alcides with his signature magic marker tucked into his shiny black pincers. She created a Twitter and Instagram for Spike earlier this month after he started blowing up her personal social media accounts.

During a recent inquest into whether animals can understand art, Jane Goodall told Creators, "I for one will give them the benefit of the doubt." Mandy certainly believes in Spike's creative potential, writing on Tumblr, "He picked up a pen one day and tried his best! He's working every day to improve."

Spike is six months old and can be expected to live for two to five years. Follow his fascinating developments on Twitter and Instagram, and buy his first work on eBay. Leading bid at time of posting is $84.00.