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"Did you see that!" Flight Facilities on their Favourite Celebrity Cameos

He's in it? And him? And him too?!
March 9, 2015, 11:22pm

Flight Facilities are the hottest duo to emerge from the antipodes since Kylie and Jason waltzed out of Ramsay Street all those years ago. The Future Classic signees started their career with a string of down-under, under-the-radar remixes taking on the likes of Cut Copy and Holy Ghost before kickstarting their ascent to stardom with 2010's super slinky late night mover "Crave You".

Last year's star studded Down to Earth LP was stuffed with cameos and traversed the territory between hip-shaking low-slung funk to skittery indietronica and everything in between.

The pair have released the video for the title track and it's pretty astonishing. Knowing that seemingly everyone likes a video that features someone they recognize from elsewhere dancing, they've roped in - literally - Sam Rockwell to strut his stuff in a dusty old diner. The star of Charlie's Angels and Moon proves himself to be a pretty nifty little bootyshaker.

In celebration of this fantastic bit of stunt casting, Flight Facilities decided to tell us all about their favorite actors who've swapped the silver screen for MTV rotation.

Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim - "Weapon of Choice'

This was the inspiration for our latest video with Sam. There's not too much Spike Jonze can't do.Christopher is a trained dancer and we were told they rehearsed for almost two weeks to get this video as seamless as it was. We're definitely not alone in thinking it's one of the greatest music videos of all time.

William Fichtner in Mr Oizo - "Stade 3 Teaser"

It's hard not to want to download the song after seeing the video. And at what price? An email?! Sold! William Fichtner is such an incredible actor, but Flat Eric's performance is out of this world considering he's a mute puppet.

Danny McBridge, Seth Rogen, and Elijah Wood in Beastie Boys - "Make Some Noise"

This video is just cameo heaven. There are so many recognisable actors in this, you lose count. It almost feels like a tribute to The Beastie Boys for their contribution to music over the years. This took music video celebrity appearances to a whole new, unbeatable level.

Alexander Skarsgard in Cut Copy - "Free Your Mind"

Cut Copy are one of our favourite bands. They even make a cameo appearance in the clip, too. The weirdness and awesomeness of this video can't really be appreciated on the first watch. There's so much to take in, but you know it's something special on the first watch. Skarsgard looks and plays the part perfectly.

Eddie Murphy in Michael Jackson - "Remember The Time"

Michael Jackson videos always had ridiculous production value. So it wasn't too big a surprise to see a star like Eddie Murphy playing the part of a Pharaoh, especially when Michael was a superstar in his own right. The greatest thing about the videos from around this time, was the added storyline and footage. They became miniature feature films with a soundtrack, instead of just a song with a visual.

Sasha Baron Cohen in Madonna - "Music"

Before he was Borat, Bruno or The Dictator he was Ali G. And this was when Madonna really had her finger on the pulse of music and pop culture. The song still holds up today, and the beat is unreal. The cameo works perfectly with the whole tacky aesthetic of the clip. Without him, the irony might have been lost.

Down to Earth by Flight Facilities is out now

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