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Dancers Fill an Electric Void with a Slow-Burning Ballet

A hybrid dance performance and art projection examines love in the digital age.
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Elegiac extensions and fluid partner lifts compose the foreground of an expansive interactive installation, an endless landscape of shifting points of light. The dimly-lit installation, VOID, is a straight-shot into an indeterminate abyss. Curated by Roya Sachs, it merges the worlds of dance, art, space, and the concept of love in the digital age.

Artists Sergio Mora-Diaz, Jordan Backhus, and Oryan Inbar designed the installation, while New York City Ballet dancers Claire Kretzschmar and Sean Suozzi perform choreography by Troy Schumacher. A video of the one-night performance captured during 2015’s Freize Art Week in New York describes the installation as a “fully immersive light installation which reminiscent of the night sky and also streams of information.” Check it out in pictures, and a video of the complete performance, below:


To explore more on VOIDclick here. See more of Sergio Mora-Diaz’s work on Vimeo.


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