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A Morphing Mural Is Changing Colors in Norfolk

Virginia's new many-layered mural reveals its secrets only in the right light.
Images courtesy the artist

An interactive mural has sprouted in Norfolk, Virginia's NEON arts district, changing shape and color under the glow of many-hued lights. Illustrator Jason Levesque worked with local digital agency Grow on this passion project, entitled Transparent Seas, painting a series of four women in a range of pigments that only reveal themselves under certain lights. Reactive sensors hooked up to a rainbow of lightbulbs adjusts the colors cast onto the mural, depending on how close or far the viewer gets. Upon approach, Transparent Seas shifts from ladies, to a quartet of skulls, to a series of elemental symbols embedded in each character.


"As colored lights illuminate the mural, the artwork reveals elements of earth, sea, and air across a group of female figures—the artist’s statement on the connection between the world and the human body," Grow tells The Creators Project. Levesque adds, “This planet in all its beauty is a part of our identity. We should take great pride in its beautiful landscapes, we should be inspired by its vast oceans. I wish to remind people that we are, in every moment of our lives, a part of this world."

Check out Transparent Seas in action in the video and images below.

See more of Grow's work on the official website. Check out Jason Levesque's work here.


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