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'Friends of Friends' Captures the Beautiful Lives of Global Creatives

Freunde von Freunden's new book overflows with moments of inspiration.
September 1, 2015, 4:00pm
Jen Vitale in Portland. Images courtesy of Freunden von Freuden

Spanning 23 cities and 45 individuals with over 400 photos by 38 photographers, the Friends of Friends book, by online publication Freunde von Freunden, shows a diversity of experience in careers and lifestyle choices. In this 336-page book, we see global creatives in their homes, gardens, and offices, playing with pets, and living their lives.

From Paris to the Catskills, the book emphasizes a poetic slice-of-life through portraiture. Within these pages, the homes are just as colorful as the individual; FvF say, "a self-designed villa on the green outskirts of São Paulo is followed by a houseboat converted from an old trawler on a pier in San Francisco, or an urban oasis in the center of Japan’s bustle." It appears as though the real intent behind the book is to frame perspective and show what artists surround themselves with to produce the important work they make for the world at large. Are there commonalities between creatives out of Lima or Beirut? Peruse the book yourself to find out. Check out some images below:

Manuela Sosa in Barcelona

Nir Stern in San Francisco

Mirella Salame in Beirut

Joris Brouwers and Nicky Zwaan in Amsterdam

When the Berlin-based FvF isn't making books, they're making stories for "global readership and remains borderless." Learn more about Freunde von Freunden's projects by clicking here.


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