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Snoop Dogg’s Weed Brand Looks Dope

Boxes of marijuana edibles for sophisticated stoners.
Dogg Treats marijuana edibles by Leafs by Snoop. All images courtesy of Pentagram

Snoop Dogg and weed go together like an empty juice bottle and piece of garden hose, so it’s no shock that the rapper/marijuana activist has launched his own line of cannabis products. Especially delightful is the brand’s decidedly luxurious packaging and identity courtesy of design studio Pentagram, who have worked with clients such as London Design Festival, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and fashion label Mulberry.


The Leafs by Snoop range includes edibles (chocolate bars, chews, drops and gummies) as well as boxes of ‘flowers,' or weed. In developing the branding, Pentagram wanted to avoid any cheesy #420 cliches in order to develop a sophisticated and minimalist aesthetic that would appeal to a wide audience, not just stereotypical stoners. They also had to work within the legal confines of how marijuana, a controlled substance, can be presented—for example, the packaging must be opaque and child-proof. “It’s like working at the end of Prohibition,” says Pentagram’s Emily Oberman in a blog post. “Everything is changing, all the time. Laws change from week to week, and affect what you can do. It’s incredibly exciting, but it’s also difficult, so we had to keep it simple.”

Flower boxes open to reveal patterns inspired by the West Coast

The brand’s design elements take cues from “California cool.” A white bandana-inspired paisley pattern is used across all of the products’ packaging (opaque—tick). From the outside, the boxes of weed look like the sort of classy teas you’d by your mum for Christmas. Sliding off the minimalist outer box, various sun-drenched patterns of palm trees, sunny beaches and blue pools are revealed. Each box also contains a collectible sticker featuring a famous stonerism like “puff puff pass,” “wake and bake,” and, of course, “smoke weed everyday.” The reverse of the sticker features instructions on how to blaze (which might actually be helpful if you did give this to your mum for Christmas).


Turn the stickers over and find some playful instructions 

The laws around cannabis packaging also dictate that edibles can’t be describes as sweets. Pentagram got around this by cleverly calling them Dogg Treats. The West Coast imagery and elegant minimalism carries over to the packaging of these products, and at first glance they look like something you’d find in a raw vegan organic supermarket. As a cheeky weed reference, Leafs by Snoop is abbreviated across the products as "LBS," a play on buying in bulk.

Pentagram, a studio who identifies as being pro-legalising marijuana, said that working on this project has been a highlight in their portfolio, and was collaborative through-and-through. “Snoop is smart, cool and truly unlike anybody else,” Oberman says. “Leafs by Snoop is likewise not just another celebrity-endorsed product. There is nothing artificial about Snoop or LBS. He genuinely loves marijuana and is excited about sharing this enjoyment with others who are able to use it.”

There are six different cannabis chocolate bars

Each chocolate bar is sealed in child proof packaging and features bright and colourful photographic prints

All packaging in the line features a spot varnish of a bandana-inspired paisley, which is one of Snoop's favourite patterns

Dogg Treats include gummies and chews

Leafs by Snoop also includes Wax and Shatter concentrates

Flower boxes come in different sizes, and coloured labels indicate the various flavours/strains

Snoop Dogg's handwritten quotes appear as stickers inside the flower boxes

Leafs by Snoop is currently only available to purchase in Colorado, where marijuana is legal. Find out more about Leafs by Snoop here, and Pentagram here.

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project Australia. 


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