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3D Printed Jewelry Designed And Created By You

Kinematics from Nervous System allows you to print 4D flexible jewelry from home.

It's almost holiday time and you know what to get the robot obsessed, the music maker, and the tech-tinkerer--but what about the fashion lover? Kinematics, the newest 3D printing project from Nervous System, has combined computational geometry techniques with body scans and other customization methods to create a jewelry collection and accompanying customization app--free for use with desktop 3D printers.


Kinematics takes things one step further than usual 3D printing with their 4D system that produces foldable structures (pre-constructed), created to anticipate and conform to movement of the body.

With designs composed of 10 to 1000’s of unique, interlocking structures, these assembly-free pieces are able to be printed in their entirety via machine, and worn immediately.

Below, watch a quick video of Kinematics in action:

Below, the Nervous System team plans out an all 3D printed dress:

Able to turn virtually anything into a movable, 3D printed structure, in order to create a dress like one above first a client would come in for a 3D body scan. From there a dress template would be created, followed by the tessellation process in which the patterns are produced. From there, much like a real dress, things like breathability and draping are factored in. The end result is a garment that is able to be folded and unfolded unlimited times--making it perfect for travel or duplication.

Below, check out a few more of the nifty designs created using the Kinematics software and technique:

To recreate these pieces, simply download the app. Once installed, users can  also design and create their own projects--choosing size, color, and pattern.

For more, be sure to check out Nervous System's website here.

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