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3D-Printed Bird Nests Save the Environment in Style

This open-source bird nest design makes for safe and beautiful avian sanctuaries in hazardous urban areas.
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A colorful line of egg-shaped, 3D-printed bird nests marry environmentalism with clever design in what could be a solution to the problem of thinning urban bird populations—that is, if the team of architects and designers behind Printed Nests have their way. The futuristic spheroid with antlers above isn't just free to download, but even comes with its makers' invitation to remix and improve it yourself. "Our goal is continuous genesis of offsprings, evolution and extensions," Printed Nest writes on their website. While they've already brought 88 nests to 66 different cities all over the world, they know their design—which, in its current form is mounted to walls or windows with two-sided tape—isn't perfect. But they're hopeful: "In our opinion there is no perfect design, no flawless product. 3D printing technology is evolving, perfecting itself; future generations are going to be bigger, better and they will be produced much faster than they are now."


In the meantime, Printed Nests make a beautful addition to the neighborhood, one that can help an entire genus cope with civilization's perpetual forward motion. Download and print your own mini bird sanctuary from Printed Nest, or order one for $50 here. Check out other people's Printed Nests in the group's Pinterest gallery, on an interactive map, and in the images below:

Visit the Printed Nest site to learn more, and stay up to date on the group's worldwide efforts.

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