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Experience GIF Hypnosis With These Mesmerizing, Fluid Graphics

Austin-based graphic artist Hayden Zezula makes awesome GIFs that will keep your eyes peeled to the screen.

Austin-based graphic artist, animator, and video game designer Hayden Zezula has recently been making some seamlessly fluid and mesmerizing GIFs. Using a combination of Cinema 4D and Photoshop, Zezula re-imagines the GIF format as a space for self-contained micro worlds.

In "memories," for example, bubbles replicate outward then collapse. "The city," on the other hand," includes a metropolis that grows out of a blank platform, then vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared. In the piece “1," red geometric patterns ripple like optical illusions.


One of Zezula's more spectacular pieces is “trail" (see lead image), which finds red tendril-like shapes growing out of a hole in the ground like a of column fish exhibiting swarm behavior. In another piece, “voxel cat,” Zezula explores the voxel, a representation of a grid in three-dimensional space that is a combination of “volume” and “pixel.” The voxel cat, built out of pixels with 3D qualities, moves ever so slowly in the same position.

But, Zezula's piece de resistance GIF has to be one in which a monochromatic man, cut off at the torso, vomits out a stream of blue balls. There's nothing disgusting about it. Instead, it's simply surreal and surprisingly hypnotic to watch on repeat.

As Zezula notes on his website, he's currently not posting any more GIFs because he's at work on his very first video game. Whatever he ends up creating, it will definitely be worth a play.

Check out more of Zezula's work below, as well as on his website, Zolloc, and over at Dribble.



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