These 3D Digital Works in Space Demonstrate a Colorful Void

Oleg Pustovit's gleaming, space oddities are experimental, digital delights.
November 20, 2016, 1:10pm
All images courtesy the artist

Intricate digital bodies hang in an opaque void with mechanical bunches of wire filling their capsule-like recesses in Oleg Pustovit’s computer-rendered illustrations. The works play up the void of outer space, sometimes with shocks of color, other times in marbled grayscale. The digital artist presents images of futuristic fantasy while inadvertently bringing to mind the complexities of physics and gravitational forces.


The artist forms an open-ended narrative with his works, manipulating simple spheres and cubes to form a larger impactful image. Pustovit is a self-taught artist, working in 3D design. He shares with The Creators Project that he is currently experimenting with abstract and generative digital drawings that use 3D software like Cinema4D and Houdini.

The artist shares, "As for inspirations, they come from everywhere: it can be something from real life, a scene from a movie or a random idea. I often visit websites like Pinterest, Behance, Tumblr, or various design blogs to see what other people do. I feel more motivated to make something when I see so much amazing work posted by others."

The artist has a background in computer science, which adds to his appreciation for visually accute renderings that employ both creative experimentation and scientific meticulousness. His training in science informs his frosty, mechnical images. He says, "I have an interest in innovative technology and design. It's very relevant nowadays since technology develops rapidly, even in graphic design there are so many new tools out there which speed up and help with creative work."

See more from Oleg Pustovit in his portfolio on Behance, here.


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