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Banksy DOXED?: Last Week in Art

Also this week, Anish Kapoor's controversial ownership of the world's blackest black pigment, and a naked Iggy Pop.


A lot went down this week in the weird and wild world of Art. Some things were more scandalous than others, some were just plain wacky—but all of them are worth knowing about. Without further ado:  

+ Has Banksy's true identity been discovered? Using geographic profiling—a controversial data-based practice—scientists at Queen Mary University in London allege that they have positively identified the anonymous artist as one Robin Gunningham, a man from Bristol. [Independent]


+ It was a big week for art in New York, what with The Armory Show, Pulse, Spring/Break, and ADAA, among others. As the madness continues, may we suggest these as must-reads: Where to Take Selifes at the New York Art Fairs and A Show and A Slice: New York's Best Art-World Pizza Joints.

+ The first ever cultural destruction trial began at The Hague’s International Criminal Court for the war crimes of alleged jihadi leader, Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi. [The Art Newspaper]


+ Anish Kapoor has acquired the exclusive rights to use Vantablack, a military-grade pigment called the "blackest black," that absorbs 99.96% of light. Needless to say, other artists are up in arms. [The Guardian]

+ The NYPD cracked open a crate labeled “Art” only to discover 300 pounds, or approximately $1 million worth, of marijuana. [ArtNet]

+ At Google’s recent exhibition of AI-art, exclusively generated by the firm, artworks sold for upwards of $8,000. [Silicon Beat]


+ Iggy Pop posed naked as a model for a class at the New York Academy of Arts—the resultant drawings will go on display as part of artist Jeremy Deller’s upcoming show at the Brooklyn Museum. [The Guardian]

+ A nonprofit in San Francisco is championing “Drag Queen Story Hour,” an effort to bring drag queens and children together for stories, dress-up, face-paint, and more! [SF Gate]


+ This week’s Met Breuer press preview met with not-so-rave reviews. [The New York Times, The Vulture]


+ In other Met-related news, the museum has launched their new website—simple, slick, and smartphone friendly. [Fast Company]

+ And tour service Art Smart has announced the Feast Your Eyes tour at the Met, a carefully curated gastronomic circuit of the museum’s paintings and sculptures. [Forbes]

+ In Berlin, the Pergamon Museum is offering Arabic-language tours in the hopes of encouraging visits from refugees. [The New York Times]


+ Now is your chance to get rid of all your (literal) emotional baggage! The Museum of Broken Relationships, scheduled to open this May, is currently excepting submissions for all things sentimental. [Los Angeles Magazine]

+ Nomadic museum initiative, Design Museum Dharavi, is scheduled to become the world’s first slum museum. [CNN]

+ A very different kind of museum, a Grammy Museum, opened last Saturday in Cleveland, Mississippi—the only other official museum dedicated to the award outside of LA. [WRAL]

+ Justin Bieber got a Madame Tussauds shirtless wax sculpture for his birthday. Jealous? [Fuse]


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