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Overdose on Chaos in the "Golden Days, Bold Oblique" Music Video [Premiere]

holymachines and motion designer Aquiet collaborate on a new audiovisual work for the forthcoming album ‘Image Version.’
All images courtesy the artists.

Information overload is a daily reality in our increasingly digital society. Out of a massive and constant deluge of information, much of it is irrelevant to our actual survival. It’s simply chaotic. The duo of motion designer Aquiet and Berlin-based electronic artist holymachines explore this in the new audiovisual work “Golden Days, Bold Oblique,” premiering today on The Creators Project, from their collaborative album Image Version. Soundtracked by holymachine’s hypnotic synth arpeggios, Aquiet attempts to visually conjure our fragmented realities. The viewer floats through black and gray voids populated with oscillating geometric clouds, lines that look simultaneously like static and fabric, and tiny cubes—all of them nodes on an information network that is its very own chaotic simulated reality.


“The idea for ‘Golden Days, Bold Oblique’ was to create a complex and repetitive arrangement, finding itself in constant movement,” Aquiet tells The Creators Project. “I created a structure which was so chaotic that one could barely perceive the chaos within the individual elements. But looking at the big picture, you discover movements, sculptural elements, and an evolving, underlying pattern.” “The whole piece is a meditation, but one that is torn by increasing distractions itself and eventually becomes one with these distractions,” he adds. “A flood of abstract data, images, and interactions—an overdose meditation." Check out "Golden Days, Bold Oblique" below:

Image Version is out April 1 on Average Negative. Stream the single “Yt” below, and click here to see more of Aquiet’s work.


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