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Insta of the Week: Li Hongbo's Distorted Paper Bust

We can't look away.

A video posted by Beckett Mufson (@beckettmufson) on Jan 7, 2016 at 4:53pm PST

What appears at first to be a bust of Enlightenment philosopher and comedian Voltaire is actually an intricately glued together stack of paper, sculpted by Chinese artist Li Hongbo. We've shown you his mesmerizing sculptures that warp and twist like there's a glitch in the Matrix, but last night we got a first person perspective on the work at Klein Sun Gallery in Chelsea. He's got a new installation there called Textbooks—more on that is coming next week—but this taste of his exquisite craftsmanship should be enough to hold you over until then.


See more of Li Hongbo's work on Artsy.

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