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This 80s Explosion Is the Simpsons' Latest Couch Gag

No man is complete without his couch, not even a rogue cop.
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The Simpsons couch gag has introduced the show for 27 seasons. Over the years, the show’s opening sequence has seen an endless amount of variation. Every now and then we are blessed with an indulgent production that drops our cast of characters into far-flung worlds and styles, introducing new and exciting visuals for the franchise.

In one of their latest episodes, writers and animators took aim at campy 80s action films and television shows. The yellow family is transported to the tan beaches of Florida a la Miami Vice, Nightrider….and maybe a little Scarface. Homer J. is morphed into a rock-hard, crime fighting Lothario as he and his partner (the couch) beat down thugs and drug dealers led by an equally muscular and suave underground kingpin, Ned Flanders.


The short clip is filled with blazers, rock music, and that jagged neon font to really hit you over the head with 80s references.

Check out the clip below:


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