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Adult Swim Premieres BOOTS’ Animated Music Video

Dive headfirst into a dystopia in anticipation of BOOTS’ new album, 'Aquaria.'
November 11, 2015, 5:25pm
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A freedom fighter brings energy and color into the lives of gas-masked metallic drones who give their souls and their money to a sinister creature—the apparent overseer of this post-apocalyptic factory—who sits around smoking pink vapor in and out of its glass helmet. This is the plot of genre-defying artist BOOTS’ new animated music video, "C.U.R.E.", a rhythmic and hypnotic track from his upcoming solo album Aquaria, (out on Columbia Records November 13).


The music video premiered last Saturday on Adult Swim, and was co-directed by BOOTS himself and Anthony Schepperd, an animator whose previous work utilizes similarly dynamic imagery. The video moves fast, with sudden cuts and stark color contrasts reminiscent of classic animé and a psychedelic trip. Though "C.U.R.E" could easily have descended into yet another moralist complaint about consumerism, it comes nowhere near due its innovative and original visual style, including the genre-bending track. The result is a visceral, artfully-told narrative, which you can watch below:

Pre-order the album here, and listen to an interview with BOOTS on NPR Weekend Edition. Stay updated on BOOTS’ work on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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