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Explore Miyazaki's 'Castle in the Sky' in Minecraft

Mocchi Hajikura dedicated the past four years recreating the world of the Miyazaki classic, and now it's online.
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Studio Ghibli fans, rejoice: One of your ranks has devoted the last four years to recreating the world of Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky in Minecraft. Japanese builder Mocchi Hajikura has released two videos in a five-part tour of his rich, cinematic creation. Opening on a panoramic view of Laputa, the titual flying castle, Hajikura gloriously reveals all the detail work that must have been plauging his existence since 2011. Watching him show off everything from the rotors and flying mechanisms to Pazu's mining town is a visual treat, and fans of the movie will be hard pressed not to drop what they're doing and go rewatch the film as soon as possible.


Hajikura will release three more videos on his YouTube channel, one each week, meaning that the vast 20 minutes of video we've seen this far is less than half of the Minecraft maestro's work. We're flying just thinking about it:

Stay tuned to Mocchi Hajikura's YouTube channel for more of his rendition of Castle in the Sky.


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