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[Music Video] Crystals Grow on Delorean’s Digital Faces

3D-scanned busts come to life in "Crystal," the new piece from the Barcelonan dance-pop group.
July 14, 2015, 1:00pm
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From the freaky Deformities of Lee Griggs, to the first-ever 3D-printed portrait of a US president, we're no strangers to fascination around 3D-scanned faces. Now, Barcelonan dance-pop group Delorean brings the technique to the music world. In their new video for new single "Crystal," directed and produced by Joan Guasch, busts of simulated clay, marble, and crystal emerge and distort into a chromatic foreground. The technicolor clip plays with texture as much as it does with the 3D scanning, and the outcome is a psychedelic romp through a digital dreamworld.


Check it out below:

DELOREAN 'CRYSTAL' from Joan Guasch on Vimeo.

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