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This Smartwatch Open-Sources The Future Of Wearable Technology

The Creators Project introduces BLOCKS, the wearable, snapable open hardware and software platform wristwatch.

Nine months ago, Intel kicked off the Make It Wearable (MIW) Challenge with the goal of inspiring the next big idea in wearables. Part-competition, part-entrepreneurial mentorship program, the challenge attracted thousands of global participants. Since then, 10 teams of young entrepreneurs and developers have been selected to have their limits tested as they push the boundaries of their imaginations—and of wearable technology. From now through the end of October, The Creators Project introduces the teams of finalists in the running for the $500,000 Make It Wearable prize. Last week, we brought you Open Bionics' Low-Cost Robotic Hand. Today: BLOCKS, the modular, snapable open hardware and software platform that allows you to customize each link of your watch with different functions.


Project name: BLOCKS

Location: United Kingdom

Team Captain: Serge Vasylechko

Other Members: Hakeem Javaid and Omer Al Fakir

Project description: BLOCKS is a modular open hardware and software platform for your wrist. Created by Serge Vasylechko, Hakeem Javaid, and Omer Al Fakir, BLOCKS allows wearers to choose the different blocks they need based on the functions and the looks they desire, and snap them together to create a unique wearable wristwatch. Each block of the smart wearable band can be a sensor, a display, a processor or a battery—with an open platform, any company or individual can develop apps or even build their own blocks. Users can upgrade blocks over time and can keep up with the latest in wearable and programmable technology without the need to replace their whole smartwatch.

To see the 10 finalists for the Make It Wearable Challenge visit:


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