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The Spaghetti Moons And Disco Ball Boyfriends Of Collage Artist Eugenia Loli

Self-professed sushi aficionado Eugenia Loli is a master of the surrealistic collage.
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Years ago, Eugenia Loli, a self professed geek and sushi aficionado, decided to pursue a budding passion for collage. Since then, Loli, who was formerly in the tech sector, has been at work creating a body of surrealistic composite images whose subject matter includes bomber jets dropping hard candies, and countrysides riddled with impossibly-large fungi.

Loli begins her collages with a single ‘base image,' and a general thematic idea. She then overlaps images and themes until, finally, after layers and layers of work, her collages begin to take shape. As a result, there are instances when her original idea and ‘base image’ are lost even from the final picture. Confesses the artist, “Most of the time, I try to ‘say’ something important via my art, but other times its just about doodling.”


Today, Loli’s work mirrors this defiant, artistic stance, pairing dreamlike, outlandish imagery with humorous titles. Her subject matters draw a sweeping scope of influence, from ‘pop,’ through dada, modern illustrations, and traditional surrealism, and the liberal approach she brings to sharing her art reflects her general creative philosophy: “How am I supposed to describe who I am, when that has a price?” She asks on her Tumblr. By disseminating her work through her personal TumblrInstagramFlickr, and Twitter accounts, and making the majority of her collages available to the public for free, she is able to share her work across the globe, creating a fanbase that not only aids in the distribution of her images, but even uses them in their own fashion designs.

It is this cheerful attitude that allows her collages maintain a certain lightness of form, an attribute so commonly unachievable when it comes to the level of metaphor that she brings into her images. By imbuing a flexibility and playfulness to her approach, process, and products, Eugenia Loli's collages are at once provocative, refreshing, and often simply and blissfully silly.

Below, check out some of our favorite works from Eugenia Loli:

El Haram El Watwat



Mushroom Land

Candy Bomber

Rocky Start

What's Cooking?

Fire with Fire

Stroll on Saturn

For more of Eugenia Loli’s work, check out her Tumblr, browse surrealistic pillows and shower curtains, and find yourself a new desktop background.

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