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Create Your Own Net-Art GIFs With Club Rothko Builder

Using a Three.js-developed interface, LaTurbo Avedon and Vince McKelvie latest Web-app allow you to make your own 3D digital sculpture.

If you were linked to net artist LaTurbo Avedonvia social media a few months ago, you might have been among the lucky few who saw their selfies metamorphosed into digital 3D sculptures through her project New SculptPresented during the exhibition Club Rothko, these works were created by way of collected images gathered from her social network. The images submitted were then mapped on 3D mesh before getting manipulated, distorted, and destructured to the point of abstraction--then transformed into stunning digital geometric sculptures:


Via New Sculpt.

To continue the project and optimize its interactive side, LaTurborecently teamed up with Los Angeles based new media artist Vince McKelvieto make Club Rothko Builder. This brand new web-app developed in Three.js allows everyone to be involved in the creative process, as well as increase the social dimension of the work.

Club Rothko Builder combines techniques used by LaTurbo in New Sculpt with McKelvie's GIF-mapped 3D mesh experimentations, allowing users to create, experiment, and share online their own 2.0 sculptures.

Through the expertise of McKelvie with WebGL, the interface is intuitive, effective, and will be simple to access. "People can easily import new image URLs to see what their results might be," LaTurbo told us, "its a format that encourages play and experimentation."

The 3D shapes (cube, sphere, or more complex shape), mapped with an image or GIF, start to deform and decompose based on the Light and Dark values ​​of the image.

The colors, reflections, and brilliance are all adjustable--enabling a considerable amount of freedom of creation and virtually endless possibilities. After modeling the sculpture the user can create a background environment to further customize their presentation.

Finally, the application allows archiving various creations as a screen-shot of the piece, which is as important as the sculpture itself."The stills are comparable to a rendered image from a more traditional 3d application and have the potential of being beautiful on their own," Mckelvie told us."They also catalog the huge variety of work created with the web app."


The Club Rothko Buildersite provides a stream of works in the process of creation, and also allows completed pieces to be remixed and turned into new ones. Without needing to download anything at all, you can just go to the website and experiment.

Neverland Spacewill present the builder for a month, then a selection of the best sculptures and created images will be showcased. As we were quite anxious to see impressive results, we have asked δεριζαματζορ προμπλεμ ιναυστραλια, Mitch Posada, Jillian Mayer, Adam Ferriss, and Yung Jaketo experience the machine. Here's what they came up with:

Browssea by δεριζαματζορ προμπλεμ ιναυστραλια.

Hypercube by Mitch Posada.

Tree Shake by LaTurbo Avedon.

Untitled by Vince Mckelvie.

Data rates may apply by Yung Jake.

Noiseflow by Adam Ferriss.

Face Display by Jillian Mayer.

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