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This Exists: $4,000 Apple Accessories That Pay Homage to Lenin and Putin

Care of Russian luxury label, Caviar.
Caviar 'Supremo Putin (Man of the year 2015 Edition)' iPhone 6 cover

Trust a company called Caviar to release a series of Apple accessories that pay homage to Russian rulers. The ‘Epoca’ Apple Watch range takes cues from three periods in Russian history—the Empire, the Soviet Union and the current day—and dedicates models to Peter the Great, Vladimir Lenin and Vladimir Putin respectively. The gold and silver plated watches retail at over $4,000 and feature ornate details such as engravings of Lenin’s mausoleum, Putin’s signature, a panorama of Moscow and Hammer and Sickle, and Soviet logos.


Caviar 'Apple Watch Epoca Putin Milanese'

There are also a selection of iPhone 6 covers on offer that pay tribute to these Russian leaders. The Supremo Putin, also around $4,000, features a portrait of the president as well as the Russian Federation coat of arms—both of which are “executed in the technique of Renaissance sculpture.” In case you were wondering, the iPhone cover comes in a wooden case lined with black velvet.

See the Caviar website for more info.

Caviar 'Atlante Russia' iPhone 6 cover

Caviar 'Apple Watch Epoca Imperia Peter I Milanese'

Caviar 'Apple Watch Epoca USSR Lenin Leather'

Packaging for the Caviar 'Epoca' Apple Watch range


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