Quit Playing Games With My Heart and Make Some Grilled Calamari with Garlic


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Quit Playing Games With My Heart and Make Some Grilled Calamari with Garlic

Tim Tibbitts may be a former Backstreet Boys impersonator, but the man knows his seafood. When it comes to calamari, we want it that way.
May 4, 2016, 10:00pm

When we found out about Chef Tim Tibbitts' background as a Backstreet Boys impersonator, we had to know more. After all, as children of the late 90s, it's not like we weren't privy to the boy-band hysteria of the pre-Millennial yesteryear, best embodied in the BSB video for "I Want It That Way."

What does that song mean, anyway? Tibbitts didn't tell us.

But there's a lot more to his story than just a single year as the faux AJ McLean/Howie Dorough, of course. Tibbitts is now the chef/co-owner of Flying Fish in the Bahamas, a sustainable seafood restaurant that specializes in local, in-season catch.


So when it comes to shellfish, mollusks, and more, it's safe to say that Tibbitts knows a thing or two about making them tasty. Especially the Nick Carter of the sea: calamari.

MAKE IT: Grilled Calamari in Brown Butter with Olives and Roasted Garlic

Tibbitts told us that at every restaurant where he's worked, some rendition of this calamari dish has made its way onto the menu. That's because savory grilled squid revels in a rich brown butter sauce, accompanied by aromatic roasted garlic and tangy grilled lemon. Add in some briny Kalamata olives, spicy sambal oelek chili paste, capers, tomato, and fresh parsley, and that's what we'd call a well-rounded seafood dish.

So next time you're wondering what the Backstreet Boys are talking about when they emphatically croon "You are my fire / The one desire," imagine that they're talking to a beautiful spread of calamari on a red-hot grill.

Believe when we say: We want it that way.