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A Day in the Life of Chance the Rapper’s Intern

Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

I don't know if you heard, but Chance is hiring. Specifically, he's hiring an intern "with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals":

This is a pretty specific skill set (and one, as Cypress Hill – lol – pointed out, that feels kind of advanced for 'intern' status), but considering the wealth of responses he's received so far, I have a feeling that Chano will come upon just the right person. But once they're in his employ, what will a day in the life of Chance's intern be like? Reader, I dreamed:


9.30AM: Report to Chance's team HQ for daily viewing of an inspirational film about Chicago, because Chance is from there. Did you know. That's where he's from.

10AM: Listen to Chance do an inspirational speech about children and how they are the future of the earth.

11AM: Coffee run. I think Chance likes a latte, some days regular, some days with like, a hazelnut syrup? Just my feeling.

11.30AM: Prep for Chance's mid-morning meeting with like Obama or Kanye (this involves laying out meeting agendas and fetching goody bags which always contain a baseball cap and a charity donation made in the guest's honour).

12.30PM: "Write proposals," probably for a hospital or a school that Chance is paying for entirely out of his own pocket, and which he will refuse to have named after himself, because, lest we forget, he is an angel.

2PM: Lunchtime! Lunch is generously provided by Chance for all of his employees. (It's deep dish pizza. Every day).

3PM: Film Chance and his baby for Instagram, yes, but also for the culture.

4PM: Take minutes at Chance's afternoon meeting, which is with whoever out of Obama and Kanye that the morning meeting wasn't with.

5PM: Drop Chance off at the studio, which is not strictly in your job description, but you don't mind because you are thanked warmly and feel appreciated by your employer.

5.30PM: Home time! Because if there's one thing Chance the Rapper loves even more than Chicago, it's giving his intern fair working conditions and hours.


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(Image via Chance the Rapper on Instagram)