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Fake Accent Celebrates Third Anniversary With a New t.A.t.u.-Sampling Single from TYGAPAW

TYGAPAW’s queer artist’s collective and regular club night will also host its third anniversary party this Saturday April 8.
Image courtesy of the artist.

In honor of QPOC nightlife collective Fake Accent's third anniversary, its founder TYGAPAW has released the new single "All The Things She Meant to Say." Produced by TYGAPAW and featuring Skyshaker, the song samples and loops vocals from t.A.t.u's "All The Things She Said." The repetition creates an eerie cacophony of regret; it is off-kilter and unpredictable, with a lithe breakbeat that keeps you moving on the dance floor.


"'All The Things She Meant To Say' is a reaction to carelessness, a reminder to think before one speaks," explained TYGAPAW in an email to THUMP. "The ramifications of reactionary language can't be understated, especially from those who matter to you. Words matter."

In addition to the new track, TYGAPAW will perform at the Fake Accent 3 Year Anniversary Party at Knockdown Center in Queens. And if you plan to attend, make sure to check out TYGAPAW's advice for how to survive and thrive in a night in the club.