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What You Likely Missed Last Night: An Insane 91-Yard Rushing TD from UNLV's Quarterback

He was clear of danger at UNLV's 40-yard-line, but man, what a set of wheels to get him there.

This touchdown run by @unlvfootball QB Dalton Sneed is literally unbelievable.
— CBS Sports Network (@CBSSportsNet) October 2, 2016

You probably had your eyes glued to Clemson - Louisville last night—and as well you should have, because that shit was bonkers. But another game—nay, play—might've slipped under your radar from last night: UNLV's quarterback Dalton Sneed (great name) rushing 91-yards in a run that saw him touch both end zones. It was flammable.

UNLV was up 21-10 against the Fresno State Bulldogs midway through the third quarter, when Sneed felt the pocket collapsing in on him. He decided to dash, and—with the blessing of several beautifully-timed blocks and a well-scattered defense—was clear of danger at UNLV's 40-yard-line. But man, what a set of wheels to get him there.