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Montreal Fires Michel Therrien, Hires Former Bruins Coach Claude Julien

In 2003, the Canadiens fired Michel Therrien and hired Claude Julien. They just did it again today.
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For the second time in as many decades, the Montreal Canadiens have fired Michael Therrien and replaced him with Claude Julien. Last week—during the Patriots Super Bowl victory parade no less—the Boston Bruins relieved Claude Julien of his head coaching duties. The move had been rumored for a while, despite Julien likely going down as the best coach in franchise history. Just over a week later, following a 4-0 loss to the now Julien-less and surging Bruins, the rival Canadiens fired Michael Therrien, and quickly hired Julien.


The Canadiens did the exact same thing in 2003, only to fire Julien in 2006. Montreal then later re-hired Therrien in 2012. Now it's Claude's turn again. That may seem weird, but that's only the tip of the iceberg, because while Ki;oem was relieved of his duties, he was not technically fired. He was still under contract with the Bruins.

Julien has this year and next left on his contract paying him $2.5 million this season and $3 million next year
— Pierre LeBrun (@Real_ESPNLeBrun) February 7, 2017

Which means, the Bruins had to allow him to negotiate with the Canadiens.

The Canadiens got off to a hot start, and are still in first place, but after beginning 13-1-1, Montreal has scuffled to an 18-18-7 record. Once Julien became available, it was apparently a game-changer for GM Marc Bergevin. Last Wednesday, he held a meeting with select players, including captain Max Pacioretty and goaltender Carey Price, while excluding Therrien. Today, Therrien was officially cut out.